Sunday, June 6, 2010

Come and Take It Radio 6/6/2010

Good evening, hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend and remembered the reason for the holiday. Tonight we start the show touching on news coming out of this years Bilderberg meeting in Spain. If you are unfamiliar with this super secret and very elite organization, read more about them from expert Jim Tucker's book Bilderberg Diary -

Moving on we cover Austin's first 'Guns for Groceries' program that took place on Saturday. According to APD (Austin Police Dept) it was an huge success and the program was out of funds by 11am and collected over 300 guns -

We continue on our favorite subject of gun control by reading excerpts from, found here - and then an article from the Telegraph which you can find here -

We end the show discussing the recent AK-47 seizure on Texas-Mexico border -