Sunday, June 27, 2010

Come and Take It Radio 6/27/2010

Good afternoon, tonight we continue our coverage of the BP oil disaster. We start the show off with playing the audio from a recent speaking engagement at the Gulf Emergency Summit on 6/19/2010 by Kindra Arnesen, wife of a fisherman in Louisiana. She has become a strong voice in speaking out on BP and this so-called oil "spill". You can watch the presentation here -

From there we take a call from our friend and creator Jonathan Gibbon. Here we talk guns and stuff. is a free gun (and other related items) classified website where you can legally buy/sell firearms online. Check it out here -

We discuss the 'Florida Loophole' and reciprocity agreements regarding concealed carry licenses, read here -

In the last 30 minutes of the show we shift back to BP and discuss the article, The Coming Gulf Coast Firestorm: How the BP oil catastrophe could destroy a major U.S. city -

We also touch on how 13 countries have offered assistance to the US but we have said "no thanks", read that here -

We also touched on BP burning sea turtles alive, blocking efforts to save them, found here -

We did not have time to discuss the recent NY Times article regarding how Congress can get their 'Cap n Trade' because of the Oil Spill.

From the article - Senate Democrats believe they've found a surefire way to force Republicans to support a sweeping climate and energy bill that directly addresses greenhouse gas emissions.

Democrats admitted yesterday that they have yet to rally around any of the legislative proposals currently on the table but now believe they know how to use the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to secure the necessary Republican votes once they do.

Read it here -