Sunday, June 13, 2010

Come and Take It Radio 6/13/2010

Good afternoon and welcome to our new time slot. Starting today we will air from 5-7pm CST on American Freedom Radio.

Tonight's show will be focused completely on the current oil crisis, NOT SPILL, that is happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico.

We first reflect on 09/11/2001 and the EPA, First Responder disaster when NYFD were told "the air was safe to breathe" and now the majority of the NYFD First Responders are dying or are very sick. We see a similar situation occurring in the Gulf of Mexico as well. We will come back to this.

We play a short clip from Ch 6 WDSU in New Orleans titled 'BP Blocking Media Access?' which can be found here -

We then move on to a news story from Ch 4 WWLTV titled 'Oil spill raises concerns about air quality along coastal Louisiana, found here -

Moving on to what we touched previously regarding the EPA, we play a portion of a video where a fisherman's wife is interviewed. The portion runs from 1:20-3:40 and found here -

We spend the 2nd hour discussing the oil well itself. We discuss information received from Lindsey Williams, which you can listen to the interview with Alex Jones here -

We end the show discussing the piece "Gulf Oil Spill 'Could Go Years' If Not Dealt With, found here -