Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come and Take It Radio 09/27/09

Good evening! Tonight we started the show off discussing the G20 protests in Pittsburgh and the abundant amount of riot police that were there. There are reports of over 1000 police present, many coming in from other cities. Yet the amount of protesters were in the hundreds. That's alot of cops....

Check out the police here on this video -

We also discuss the 1999 anti-WTO demonstrations and Black Bloc. You can read about its history here on Wikipedia -

From there we discuss Geraldo and his so-called "expose" inside 'Bomb University', a terror training facility in Afganistan. Watch it here -,2933,556183,00.html

We then move onto an article from the Associated Press titled Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited. According to the article, "The real story is what's missing," said Jesse Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney who obtained the recordings through the federal Freedom of Information Act as part of an unofficial inquiry he is conducting into the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.

Find the rest of the article here -;_ylt=Ah5jZ_enXGXhxrS9qmYsHf5g.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTJzMGVzMG1kBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwOTI3L3VzX29rbGFob21hX2JvbWJpbmdfdmlkZW8EY3BvcwM2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDYXR0b3JuZXlva2Ni

We end the show touching on Posse Comitatus Act which prohibited the Army from engaging in law enforcement activities. We encourage you to look into it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Come and Take It Radio 9/13/09

Tonight we acknowledge the 8th Anniversary of the Sept 11th 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers.

We then move on to the 9/12 March on Washington and discuss the article from the UK Mail, you can read that here -

A million march to US Capitol to protest against 'Obama the socialist' Read more:

We then move onto an article by the American Thinker titled 'The Spark that Triggered Rebellion' which you can find here -

You know, this all goes back to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. END the FED! Which brings us to this article, 'Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried' and you can find that here -

We then announce the exciting news that House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank has officially agreed to hold hearings on HR 1207. The hearings are tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 25 at 9:00 am.

Contact your representative and senators and urge them to cosponsor HR 1207/S 604 if they have not yet done so. If they have already signed on, tell them it is imperative that Audit the Fed receive a standalone, up or down vote on its own merits. Full transparency in our nation's monetary system is too important to be a minor footnote in yet another massive Washington bill, and C4L will vigorously oppose any attempts to include HR 1207 in a regulatory reform package that increases the Fed's power over our economy and lives.

You can contact them here -

In the last 30 minutes we then move onto our most favorite subject, Gun Control!!!

We discuss an article from Gun Owners of America titled 'Baucus Health Care Draft to Fine Reluctant Gun Owners up to $3,800' - take action here -