Sunday, July 26, 2009

Come and Take It Radio 7/26/09

Good evening! Tonight we began the show discussing the ridiculous hoopla surrounding the Obama "cops reacted stupidly" comment regarding the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates. The question was literally the last question received during the 2 hour press conference regarding the healthcare platform the President is trying to push through Congress and the ONLY thing the media is talking about now.

We then touch on the re-airing of the CBR 60 Minutes special "Gun Sales: Will The "Loophole" Close?" which you can find more about that here -

We then go on to discuss the recent actions by our Governor, Rick Perry. In an article written by the Dallas Star Telegram, Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over healthcare. Evidently Perry is trying to attract the attention of the 70,000+ Texans that voted for Dr.Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate for the 2008 US Presidential Election. You can find the article here -

We also discussed an article released today by the Star Telegram where they interview Debra Medina who is also running for Governor of Texas. That article can be found here -

Wrapping up with Perry we move onto an article titled 'Obama Administration Begins Opposition To States Claiming Sovereignty And Gun Rights' which can be found here -

In the 2nd hour we discuss the first possible major bank failure for 2009, Guaranty Financial Group Inc based out of Austin, TX - read about it here -

We then shift to the New York Times article 'Wayne County Star Traces Racist Web Posts Traced to Homeland Security' where you can find here -

I touched on Homeland Security admitting report on "Right-Wing Extremism" sourced from the SPLC and ADL (Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League) - read about it here -

We also discussed local story 'Police bait car program lands couple who reported suspicious car in court' which you can read here -