Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come and Take It Radio 07/12/09

Today we started the show with the unfortunate news that our friend and former DEA Veteran Celerino (Cele) Castillo was ordered to report to jail July 30, 2009. This is very upsetting to us because Cele does not deserve this. We read the article written by close friend and fellow host on American Freedom Radio, Jack Blood which you can find here -

You can also check out his website at and also purchase his book, Powderburns on Amazon -

In the second hour we switched topics to HR 2454 and how the Senate is expected to delay the climate bill until September

From there we move onto Ron Paul's bill to Audit the Fed, HR 1207. The first floor hearing in the House was conducted last week. We then played a video where Ron Paul questions Alan Meltzer and James Galbraith during the hearing on 7/9 watch it here -

We played Ron Paul's opening statement at the Fed Hearing as well, which you can watch here -

We then took a call from friend Doug Owens of and Oracle Broadcasting. Check out his radio network here -

We did not get to play the video of Timothy Geithner refusing to answer Brad Sherman's question on 7/10, but you can watch it here -