Saturday, March 5, 2011

Come and Take It Radio 03/05/2011

Good afternoon. Today we start the show on our favorite topic, 2nd Amendment. We continue discussing the Texans for Accountable Government 'Cash for Guns' event that took place last weekend in competition of APDs 'Guns for Grocery' event. We play a video clip from World News Daily -

We then move on to a story out of Illinois, evident there is a FOID fight brewing over gun owner privacy -

Moving on to an article by Kurt Nimmo on Obama's recent visit with mexican reporters at the White House. Evidently they think Obama should just repeal the 2nd amendment -

In the second hour we change topics to the Middle East and the gossip of a 'day of rage' March 11th. From FOX News - Lindsey Williams says MI6 funds the Muslim Brotherhood -