Sunday, October 3, 2010

Come and Take It Radio 10/03/2010

Good Afternoon! We start the show off today discussing the suicide shooting at the University of Texas this week in Austin. Coincidentally, author John Lott was scheduled to speak at UT by student group 'Students for Concealed Carry on Campus' that same day. The event was moved to Brave New Books, down the street from UT on the Drag. We have also learned that Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is using the tragedy (along with a few other incidents) to lobby for 3 brand new helicopters for the city. Here is John Bush from Texans for Accountable Government being interviewed by our local Fox station -

We move on to an article from BlackListed News, 'NYPD Prepares For Guerilla-Style Terror Attack' (Mumbai-style attacks) and CNN video clip

We then move on to discuss a new project from Brasscheck TV, called 2nd Amendment TV. We play a video from the site titled 'Why Noone Invades Switzerland', watch it here -

Next we talk about an article on World Net Daily, 'Fort Hood soldiers told to list private weapons' -

From there we switch topics to a very disturbing video (supposed to be comical) we found on Black Listed News, 'How to Cut Carbon Emissions' -