Sunday, August 23, 2009

Come and Take It Radio 08/23/09

Good evening! Last week we didnt have a show due to be being in Galveston for Ron Paul's Birthday BBQ Bash. We began the show highlighting the event. We highly recommend watching the 3 part speech of Judge Andrew Napolitano on you tube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We also talked about the townhall meetings week before last where citizens with firearms were present and the issue of Open Carry.

William Kostric on Hardball w/Chris Matthews -

We also discussed the townhall in Arizona where a dozen or so citizens carried guns outside the convention center Obama was speaking. Read further here -

Here are some good recommendations someone sent me if you do choose to open carry:


1) Locate a private property (church, business parking lot, etc) that gives you permission to be present with arms.

2) Ideally, a phone call should be made to the local police station to let them know. This was what was done in Arizona. Is it necessary? No. But it's a nice gesture and smooths relations. If you have the necessary license, they will say 'cool, thanks for informing us' and that's that.

3) If possible, go as a group of at least three or more. There are a number of reasons, both political and legal, for this. a) It's actually less intimidating to have multiple people armed than one. One person armed can make police nervous--lone gunman syndrome. Several people armed and you have a less suspicious social gathering of common interests. That's basic psychology. b) By extension, opposition thugs are less likely to attack a group.

4) Do not attempt to enter the town hall meeting itself. These are in government buildings--school zones and libraries--so a distance will need to be kept if armed.

5) Only people that have open or CCW permits should attempt this--any mistake or arrest will be used by the press.

6) Have fun and SMILE about it. A an angry fist with a gun will make the cover of Time magazine the wrong way.

We then go on to discuss some local events taking place here in Austin next weekend.

On Friday, Aug 28 Texans for Accountable Government will have their 1 year Anniversary Party with music guests Jimmie Vaughn and the Horton Brothers!. Here is more info -

There is also a "Sovereignty or Secession" Rally w/ Debra Medina at the Texas Capitol on Saturday, Aug 29th at 12pm.

At this event, they will be presenting a petition to the governor of Texas, Rick Perry and every State Representative, County Sheriff, and County Judge in the State of Texas. The subject of the petition is a return to the people our individual rights, partially enumerated in the Constitution, which have been unduly taken from us by the federal government. Sheriff Mack will be a keynote speaker among many others, including State Representative, Brandon Creighton.

To sign the petition, go here -

We then have to take a few minutes to clarify where we stand on the left/right paradigm.

In the last 30 minutes we discussed an article out of the Guardian, 'Healthy food obsession sparks rise in new eating disorder'. Evidently I suffer from this mental disorder, as I am "over 30, middle-class and well-educated" and have an "obsession with healthy eating". Read the entire article here -

We also discussed another article from the Guardian from March that Climate 'denial' is also a mental disorder! You can read the rest here -

In the last few minutes I try to hit on a few of the new laws that go into effect in Texas as of Sept 1st, mainly HB537 which requires all occupants of a vehicle, no matter their age, to be secured by a safety belt, no matter where they are seated in the vehicle

HB 55 makes it illegal to use a wireless communication device in aschool zone unless the vehicle is stopped or a hands-free device isused. Cities or counties wanting to enforce this law must post a sign at the beginning of each school zone to inform drivers that using awireless communications device is prohibited and the operator is subject to a fine

HB 2730 amends numerous provisions regarding concealed handgun licenses(CHLs), including eliminating student loan defaults as a disqualifier,to clarify that DPS must suspend or revoke a license when the licenseebecomes ineligible and mandating that a magistrate suspend a CHL held by the subject of an emergency protective order.

HB 2664 provides a defense to prosecution if a concealed handgun license holder carries a concealed handgun into an establishment that gets 51percent or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages, but has failed to post the statutorily required notice that it derives 51 percent or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages.(Under current law, a concealed handgun licensee can be charged with aClass A misdemeanor for doing this.)

HB 2730 removes DPS authority to suspend a concealed handgun license(CHL) for the holder's failure to display the CHL to a peace officer ondemand. It removes associated penalties and suspensions for the failure to display.

HB 2730 increases the driver license sanction from a one-year CDL license disqualification to a lifetime disqualification if a person usesa motor vehicle to transport, conceal or harbor an alien.

HB 558 allows minors to be charged with public intoxication. SB 1188 authorizes a Texas resident to buy firearms, ammunition orfirearms accessories in any other state, not just those contiguous toTexas, to reflect updated federal statutes.

Thats it for tonight, see ya next week.